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EMS ONEPACK terms and conditions

Article 1 [Purpose)
The purpose of this terms and conditions are regulating member's rights, obligations and responsibilities for overseas shipping agency-related services (hereinafter referred as, the "services") from EMS ONEPACK Internet site (; hereinafter referred to as the "EMS ONEPACK") that is provided by the Korean postal business development agency (hereinafter referred as "the company").

Article 2 (Definitions)
① "EMS ONEPACK" is a virtual business site where the company can trade goods or services by using information communication equipment such as computer and provide goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "items") to the user. It means below sites that can get service by using one account of member (ID and password).
② "Service" refers to a service that purchased (payed) products, which is for member’s personal use, delivered to member’s unique postbox of EMS ONEPACK, combined packaged as request of member, act as proxy for applying EMS (International Express Post) and deliver to requested place.
③ "User" is defined as a member or non-member who gets EMS ONEPACK service by connecting to EMS ONEPACK in accordance of terms and conditions.
④ “Member” is defined as a person who agreed on providing personal information to the company and registered. Members get information of EMS ONEPACK continuously, also they can use the service from EMS ONEPACK continuously.
⑤ "Non-members" are members without sign up and use the information provided by EMS ONEPACK.

Article 3 (agreement specification and description of and revision)
① Company representative, the contents of these terms and conditions, and office location address (the address where you can handle the complaint included), telephone number, facsimile transmission number, and electronic mail (E-mail) address, business registration number, communications, privacy officer are notified at the EMS ONEPACK initial service (front) screen. However, the contents of the terms can be seen through connection screen.
② The company provides to the terms and conditions before user agrees on the terms and conditions to understand important matters such as terms of liability and refund, by showing on connection screen, or pop-up screen for user's confirmation.
③ The company can revise this terms and condition within range of not violating 「 the consumer protection ACT on E-commerce Law」, 「Laws related with regulation of terms and conditions」, 「Basic law about electronic documents electronic business standards」, 「 E-commerce Trade Act」, 「Electronic signature Act 」, 「The network Use promotion and information protection act」, 「Door-to-door sales law」, 「Consumer law 」.
④ If the company revises this terms and conditions, date and reason for revision for the current terms and conditions will be displayed on EMS ONEPACK initial screen for 7 days before the date of the announcement and until the day. However, if terms changes against a member if at least 30 days advance notice to leave the grace period. In this case, the company revised the former contents of the revised details clearly easier to understand compared to the Member.
⑤ If the company revise this terms and conditions, the company revised terms that are made after the date the contracts that apply and prior to that had already revised the terms of a contract signed before the for clause. However, the terms of the amended provisions already contracted Member will want to apply under paragraph (3) of the revised terms and conditions by notice sent to the company within the period, the company received the consent of the terms of the amended provision applies in the case.
⑥ Where pricing and terms in this agreement concerning the interpretation of the 「consumer protection on e-commerce Law」, 「Law related with regulation of terms and conditions 」, e-commerce consumer protection guidelines that provides by fair trade committee.

Article 4 (provision and change of services)
① EMS ONEPACK conduct following works
1. provide information about services and purchase or the conclusion of the contract
2. Member request for delivery of goods and services in a row
3. Other EMS ONEPACK service
② EMS ONPACK can change the relevant laws and institutions, goods, stocks or technical specification changes, in the case of the future, you can change the contents of the service provide by. In this case, the changed service content and specify the dates of your current services provided where immediate notice.
③ EMS ONEOACK is contracted to provide members, also service of goods out of stock or technical specification changes for any reason, such as if the company want to change the reason to address possible notice to members immediately.
④ If the company notice, in the preceding paragraph fails to fulfill its obligations to Member's damages caused by will reimburse the company. However, none of the company's intentional or if you do not demonstrate.

Article 5 (provision of services)
① The company can temporarily discontinue the provision of services if telecom equipment, maintenance, replacement and breakdown, disconnection of communication if such occurred,
② The company is the provision of the service due to paragraph 1 temporarily suspended due to damages suffered by the user or third parties does not reimburse. However, if the company's negligence or fault.
③ Business transformation, abandoning the business, provide the service for reasons such as integration between the supplier will not be able to if the company has the manner specified in article 8 of the notice to the user, subject to the terms and conditions presented in the original company to reward users. However, the company has compensated if not for such things as notices to members ' deposits, such as the most commonly used currency value from the circles EMS ONEPACK the equivalent of in-kind or cash paid out to members.

Article 6 (membership)
① The user depending on the subscription form by members of the EMS ONEPACK information and then agree to the terms and conditions shall apply for membership by making a declaration of intention that, confirm the procedure set by the EMS through the Pack and won membership in principle, to settle.
② EMS ONEPACK are my membership of the users who signed up to join the following, unless you register as a member.
1. Joined the applicant article 7 paragraph 3 of this agreement prior to the membership. However, article 7 paragraph 3 in accordance with the membership as a member of the Pack lost won approval to rejoin the EMS if you got an exception.
2. in the case that there be false statements, entry omission, or clerical errors
3. other members would have to register as a cause of EMS ONEPACK if you think
③ Conclusion of the contract period for membership of the EMS is the point of the approval of the members of the circle.
④ User shall notify to EMS ONEPACK for a significant change in the registration of membership within range of the EMS ONEPACK change membership information, or electronic mail (E-mail) address, want EMS ONEPACK changes.

Article 7 (membership withdrawal and loss of membership, etc.)
① Members can unsubscribe at any time on the EMS ONEPACK, you can ask to unsubscribe: EMS ONEPACK holds the coupons and membership initiated after the reported withdrawal of membership.
② A member of each of the following, if applicable, any EMS ONEPACK a membership limit and want to stop.
1. If you have registered false information at the time of subscription
2. purchased goods using EMS ONEPACK such as the lender, other responsible in relation to the use of EMS ONEPACK debt on time if you do not fulfill
3. use the other person's disturbed, or EMS ONEPACK steal information such as e-commerce order promiscuous if you are to
4. use the Pack of statute or EMS ONEPACK prohibited by this agreement, or to the public order.
5. If you register another person's name, ID
③ EMS ONEPACK limited membership and stop the Pack, the same thing 2 times over and over and over again, or does not corrected within 30 days if you want EMS packs can be disqualified for membership.
④ EMS ONEPACK if membership or log in to the EMS during the year won a record if you do not have a pack Member registration expunged. In this case, the notice to the Member, at least thirty (30) days or more, given the chance to do it bestows.

Article 8 (member)
① EMS ONEPACK if you notice for members, members contracted with EMS ONEPACK the specified electronic mail (E-mail) address.
② EMS ONEPACK are an unspecified number in the case of a notice to members for more than a week by individual EMS ONEPACK bulletin published notification. However, the applicant deals with the matters affecting the individual notice.
③ E-commerce consumer protection act pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 13, including the cancellation of guidance of commodities deal stated that issuance of the electronic document or writing product supply: go well with each other, the supply being enclosed.

Article 9 (service request)
① Members have the following (or similar) on the EMS ONEPACK how to apply, and the use of the service by the EMS ONEPACK Member, apply for each of the following easy-to-understand content must be provided.
1. how to join, check the content and application services
2. the goods to the recipient's name, address, telephone number, electronic mail (E-mail), enter the address (or mobile phone number)
3. application: Please note, shipping costs, such as information about the relevant content
4. If you agree to these terms and conditions, and to confirm, or deny third-party favors on the display (e.g., a mouse click)
5. check the application and use of the services on or consent to the verification of EMS ONEPACK
6. Select payment method
② EMS ONEPACK provide the buyer to a third party, personal information, if you need to charge the actual purchase must be the buyer's consent, at the time of application for membership: a comprehensive agreement in advance. When personal information is provided with EMS ONEPACKs, provider, holds the personal information of the purpose of use, and to provide‧ Used Period must be specified to the buyer. It's just a 「 Information network use promotion And information protection act」 Article 25, paragraph 1, of the charge of the privacy-related laws and regulations.
③ EMS provides a service pack do not necessarily want to become a member, you can take advantage of the use of the individual shall be for the purpose of shipping the goods purchased abroad only if the services are provided.

Article 10 (conclusion of the contract and reject provisions)
① EMS ONEPACK are article 9 the use of the service if you refuse to apply for the following phrases, and after arriving prior to the Member Guide for the dispatcher to send it back. At this point, the cost it takes to bounce back from members for settlement, or the company can handle arbitrary items to cover.
1. If there be false statements, entry omission, or clerical errors
2. the amount of the payment amount applied for membership services billing and compared
3. regional imports and exports impossible and if the undeliverable EMS items
4. personal use purposes and not commercial purpose of export‧ Mouth deal If
5. other services application will significantly in the absence of the EMS ONEPACK operational
② In a case of paragraph (1), 2 members would hold a scant amount upon confirmation to apply for consent to use the service.
③ EMS ONEPACK the approval of receipt-certified notice in the form of article 12 (1) arrives at the Member shall at the time of contract.

Article 11 (payment and settlement of the difference)
① EMS billing for Service Pack won the following can be done by way of.
1. Bank transfer
2. Credit card payments
3. Deposit payment (bank transfer)
4. Mobile payment
5. E-wallet payment
8. EMS ONEPACK agreement or, EMS ONEPACK approved vouchers for billing circle Pack
9. other company to admit that payments approach
② Changes in the price of the service, paid for by the Member due to the failure of a computerized system, the amount of shipping agency offers services such as: there is a difference in the actual costs incurred, the difference occurs as the company to notify the Inspector and the contents and the amount of members and lack of rigor can be settled.

Article 12 (receipt-certified notice, change or cancel the application using the service)
① It packs a member's use of the service applications EMS ONEPACK, if any acknowledgment of the notification to the user.
② The acknowledgment received the notice of intention in the mismatch of membership if the receipt-certified notice, change and use of the services immediately after receiving the application, you can request a cancellation.
③ The sum of the applied for goods by EMS ONEPACK member before arriving at the Service Center application package changes and cancel the request without delay and in accordance with that request when it is processed. However, if any of the goods applied for an application after arriving at the Center's change and cancellation is impossible.
④ When items arrived EMS Combined-package Center is related with article 10 paragraph (1), if applicable, the company shall be to terminate the contract for delivery of goods, and in this case, the goods and the cost of any necessary follow-up action, such as a return user's burden. In addition, even if the damage occurred to the company shall not be responsible or liable.

Article 13 (delivery for the provision of services, etc.)
① EMS ONEPACK supplied by service charges and delivery time are as follows:
1. Postal regulation related with EMS applied to EMS ONEPACK service
2. service charges are based on standard rates and future EMS packaging and an additional charge according to the service policy change can occur.
3. delivery period the payment approved overnight the international mail a certified copy of the standards.
② Overseas shipping and international shipping, customs procedures and standards in relation to the appropriate national laws and regulations apply.
③ Year-end and new year holidays, holidays etc when this soaring mailings, books, depending on the nature, such as the mountain area shipping area deliveries may be delayed.
④ Natural disasters, such as the irresistible reasons to exclude the period from the shipping days.
⑤ Member, delivery service EMS by filling in the application form the sum of packaging Center in the article when I get a pack of the circle, the company requests a payment service to its members and the members referred to in article 11 shall pay the way. If you do not pay in the payment request, the charge until the item will not be shipped to members.
⑥ Members are the sum of packaging Center in the article get EMS ONEPACK until the application shall register, without doing an article that could not be resolved by the company the company has up to 30 days if the arrival of the goods is to be kept. However, if you do not apply for goods that arrive at the shipping after payment at the point of the request, and handled in accordance with section 8.
⑦ If damaged goods arrived at EMS ONEPACK distribution center, the company shall immediately send, and member of the separate processing of damage guide doctor if you do not express, the first item on the basis of point-in-time on the day of arrival to handle in accordance with section 8.
⑧ The sum of the goods purchased by EMS ONEPACK members after arriving at the center packed membership payment requests the service thirty (30) days has elapsed from notification occurs after the article about the theft, tampering, destruction of the company shall be responsible, after sixty (60) days after notice of the payment requests is arbitrary, you can cover the disposition of each. This is part of the first day of arrival, for arrival and return the goods received, or on the basis of the same subject.
⑨ EMS ONEPACK arrived in article if the distribution center is based, as shown below.
1. If the shipping application is registered on the basis of the company's shipping costs payment request exceeds two weeks: If levy
2. If an application has an unlisted goods shipped on the day of arrival in excess of two weeks each on the basis of supplementary
3. storage and special handling charges for international parcel mail 2 weeks 1 days from the date of which is in excess of 750 USD

Article 14 (international shipping and customs clearance)
① The company has signed a contract to use a separate EMS customer on behalf of a customer's product for sending EMS lodgment service. Therefore, the EMS will be carried out in accordance with the procedures of international transport services, customs clearance services in that country does not provide separately.
② Earnings from these countries related to the customer's product international mail customs, regional customs procedures, and disbursed in accordance with the regulations occurs, the tax must be paid directly to the recipient.

Article 15 (compensation for damage)
① EMS ONEPACK distribution center that identified the goods Checker: for separate guidance to customers and clients, you can handle the goods according to the doctor. The online store of goods forwards (courier transportation) originate from the product (breakage, loss, products) we are not responsible for the damages or flaws, demonstrate.
② Customers of the EMS prizes won since arriving as normal sum distribution centers in the Pack by wrapping up business before accepting as EMS (order upon receipt of the goods, storage, packing, Jung, etc.) or as a result of an error in the articles of the breakage, loss, etc. of the company if there is a compensation for damage may be claimed. Just won the EMS or errors of the Pack if you prove the absence of fault.
③ It is clear the company's negligence, the company shipped a total of goods listed in the application form for purchase cost (amount paid at the mall) you can reimburse within.
④ Upon receipt of the goods to the customer's designated beneficiary after the EMS shipping damage, loss of goods in the experience, such as when he claims friendship Division of EMS may be eligible for compensation by the regulations. The amount of compensation「To know about vote-by-mail law 」 in my38 trillion damages during the international mail provisions for international express mail to Sylvie payment standard (70, 000won per 1kg to 7, 870 guests within the scope of the damage and the amount of combined circle paid international express mail charges) subject to applicable law, revision: revised by-law will be applied.
⑤ EMS ONEPACK for service reasons, the company claims billing charges and calculation on must be submitted in writing.

Article 16 (protection)
① EMS ONEPACK collects user's personal information: service packs a circle to provide at least the extent necessary collects personal information.
② EMS ONEPACK a membership: terms of service agreement in a row does not collect the necessary information in advance. However, the relevant laws and regulations in order to fulfill contract obligation previously as minimal identification is required if certain collects personal information by mistake.
③ EMS ONEPACK collects personal information of users agree on its purpose
④ Personal information collected for the purpose of EMS ONEPACK available for purposes other than the purpose of the new use, nor caused to you or to any third party if you use provided by such user in step provided that, for the purpose of notice and consent. However, in contrast to the relevant laws and regulations with the exception of the case require the affirmative votes.
⑤ EMS ONEPACK the third and fourth of the Pack by the consent of the users, the privacy officer's identity (name and phone number, or any other affiliation, contact), the purpose of usage and collection of information, and provides relevant information about a third party notice (provides objectives and provide information provided here, content), etc. 「The network Use promotion and information protection act」 The provisions of article 22, paragraph 2 must state or advance notice, any user can withdraw this consent at any time.
⑥ The user at any time to have your own personal ONEPACK EMS for perusal and error correction can require EMS ONEPACK is about the duty to take the necessary steps without delay. The user of the error will be corrected if you want EMS packs require that error does not use personal information until it is correct.
⑦ EMS in order to protect your personal information and the user's ONEPACK treats personal information shall be limited to the characters at least credit cards, bank accounts, including the personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, consent of the third party, such as falsification of any liability regarding any damages.
⑧ EMS ONEPACK provides any personal information received from him or third parties for the purpose of collecting personal information, or when you have achieved the purpose provided personal information without delay.
⑨ EMS ONEPACK a collection of personal information and use the circle, I agree about the columns provide a pre-selected set that does not. In addition, collection of personal information and provides the user's consent regarding the use and refusal to specifically restricted services, and required collection item is non-personal information collection and use, provided the user's offers services such as membership by reason of the refusal to agree to limit or do not reject.

Article 17 (obligation of EMS ONEPACK)
① EMS ONEPACK prohibited by this agreement or run counter to the public order, does not act in accordance with this agreement and to provide a reliable service to do your best.
② EMS ONEPACK users can use the service safely to the user's personal information (including credit information) must have a security system for protection.
③ EMS ONEPACK provides services 「 Display The law with regard to the process of advertisement」 Article 3 of the Act, the prescribed by the unjust visible and advertising has suffered damage is liable to make restitution.
④ EMS ONEPACK does not want commercial users send e-mails (E-mail)

Article 18 (Member's obligation for ID and password)
① Article 17’s ID and password except when concerning management responsibilities on the Member.
② Members have their own ID and password to any third party not to use.
③ Member ID and password are stolen, or your own third party if you know that you are using the right won the Pack to inform, EMS EMS ONEPACK the guidance of the Pack.

Article 19 (obligation of user)
The user should not be by the next Act.
1. registration by false statements at the time of application or modification
2. theft of others ' information
3. change the information posted on the EMS ONEPACK
4. EMS ONEPACK except the ones that send information (computer programs, etc.) or post
5. EMS ONEPACK, and other third parties, such as intellectual property rights infringement
6. EMS ONEPACK, other third party interfere with the defames tasks;
7. obscene or violent messages, video, voice, and other EMS ONEPACK any information against public or publish

Article 20 (connecting "Mall" and the relationship between the linked "Mall")
① The top of the "Mall" and a "Mall" has a hyperlink (for example, the target of a hyperlink, such as letters, pictures and videos included) If you are connected to, such as, e-connection is known as the "Mall" (Web site) and avoid the latter connection is referred to as the "Mall" (Web site).
② Connecting "Mall" is available as a "Mall" has its own goods and the transactions will be liable to guarantee the connection if the initialization of the "Mall" or pop-up screen at that link if you are listed as a guarantee that the deal will not be held liable.

Article 21 (copyright and its limit of usage)
① EMS ONEPACK works copyright, other intellectual property rights belong to the EMS ONEPACK.
② The user of the information obtained by using the EMS ONEPACK won this attribution of intellectual property rights to the information pack which won the Pack without the prior consent of EMS reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting, and other methods used by commercial purposes, or to any third party not to use.
③ According to the commitment to EMS ONEPACK belong to if you are using the copyright shall be notified to the user.

Article 22 (settlement of disputes)
① EMS ONEPACK raised legitimate users comments or complaints, and reflects damage compensation compensation handler to handle the installation and operation of the compensation process committee.
② EMS filed a complaint, and users want Pack comments first. However, if the processing user is informed of the reason and processing schedule right away.
③ EMS ONEPACK and e-commerce disputes occurred between the users in relation to an application for a remedy of damages, if any, the Fair Trade Commission or the dispute resolution institution commissioned by the Governor and in tune, you can follow.
④ Members direct e-commerce sites let and return of goods purchased for such disputes, such as disputes between members and domestic shipping companies or if there is, in principle, to solve between the parties, and to any EMS ONEPACK without no liability.

Article 23 (jurisdiction and legal conformity)
① EMS ONEPACK and relates to the dispute of electronic trade between users of the lawsuit filed at the time of the user's address, and address if there is no domicile exclusive jurisdiction of the competent District Court. However, the user's address at the time of the complaint and, in the case of a foreign resident of the civil proceedings act filed in any Court of competent jurisdiction.
② EMS ONEPACK and raised between the users of the e-commerce laws.

Article 24 (post operational policies)
① The user requests the deletion of a post written by EMS packs the House to delete posts.
② EMS ONEPACK created copyright and other intellectual property rights for the post of EMS ONEPACK.
③ Posts about rights and responsibilities is the author of the post.
1. user-written post about copyright and other intellectual property rights (copyright, etc.), and other posts to the user in respect of any of the rights, duties and responsibilities of the user.
2. user-written post copyright disputes concerning the post the user must bear sole responsibility. Written by users post EMS ONEPACK about the copyright belong to a third party other than this, such as the users know in advance that it was obviously not belong, such as a, it does not determine whether the copyright.
3. user-created post by infringing the copyrights of others, such as EMS, such as claims from others the Pack won the appeal, and if the receiving user to active cooperation with the immunity of EMS Yuan, caused by you must bear full responsibility.
④ Use the services of these EMS ONEPACK while replicating the information obtained, send, publish, transmit, distribute, sell, broadcast, or other commercial purposes or by the means available to a third party will not be able to do.
⑤ Written by users post EMS ONEPACK regarding the accuracy of the information is not a guarantee.
⑥ Displays the service's operations, EMS ONEPACK, for the purpose of promoting the transfer or post can be used.
1. permission to operate services during and after the withdrawal of a member is valid.
2. in relation to the service user-written copy, modify, adapt, post, display, transmit, distribute, publish, create derivative works and editing products.
3. in addition to the commercial use of the service if you want to use for the post must be with the consent of the author.
4. personal information without consent is not provided to third parties.
⑦ If you violate the operating policies, users post EMS ONEPACK are limited to membership without prior notice and can be shut down.
⑧ EMS ONEPACK stored post or registered post for determined duration, the company can move the edit, without prior notice.
⑨ Posted by the user or, in the case of the contents of the register, and then if you feel that you can delete without prior notice, to refuse to register in advance.
1. operational policy in the EMS is a violation of ONEPACK post content
2. defame, or an invasion of privacy and defamatory content
3. the violation of public order or public morals
4. determines that the content is relevant to a criminal act
5. EMS ONEPACK of copyright and any third party's copyright, including but not limited to content that infringes the rights of others
6. withdrawal of a member or registered user show content
7. the services provided by EMS ONEPACK and irrelevant or interferes with the operation of the service content
8. identity is unclear, or someone else's ID, name, phone number, etc. to write content theft
9. written information by unauthorized persons tampering with the contents created by the upper and
10. unauthorized advertising and public relations content
Deleted by the operating policies have been processed 11. post on the answers, comments, etc.
12. Other relevant laws and regulations that determines as troubling the operator's authority

supplementary provision
This terms of condition is enforced from 1st of July 2015.

Privacy handling policy Please agree on below terms and agreement before join
EMS ONEPACK privacy policy

1. General provisions
A. Privacy information is personal information that includes name and identification number which are possible to identify certain person (even the single information can not figure out certain person though it is possible to identify with other information).
B. EMS ONEPACK are below sites and the members of the sites are people who can use the sites.
C. EMS ONEPACK treat privacy information of users and follows any legal personal information protection regulation such as "act of information network usage promotion and information protection”, and "privacy protection law”. EMS ONEPACK informs users about the purpose, how it is treated and protections about their information through this privacy policy.
D. EMS ONEPACK states the privacy policy at the first screen of homepage to let users to inform the policy in convenience.
E. Privacy policy of EMS ONEPACK can be frequently changed according to laws and guidelines of government. By that, the company decides necessary procedures for continuous improvement of the privacy policy. Version number is provided to users to notify improved difference of the privacy policy.

2. Personal information collection and utilization purpose
A. EMS ONEPACK members can use overseas shipping agencies services in most convenient way. In order to process service request, payment and delivery properly, minimum information are collected.
B. Member’s personal information can be directly managed by own through ‘Edit Profiles’ menu.
C. EMS ONEPACK use collected information for only below purposes. It shall not be used for others.
  1) Identity check and confirm intention for service use
  2) Notification of announcement and securing complain communication path
  3) Securing correct delivery information for payment and delivery of goods
  4) Provide customized service and notify change of policy followed by service use
  5) Prevent improper use of non-allowed user and unauthorized use
  6) Manage EMS ONEPACK service usage statistic information management

3. Personal information collection item and collection way
A. EMS ONEPACK collects below information when users join the service as member of EMS ONEPACK

Category Personal information collected EMS Collection purposes Possession and
period of use
Necessary Country of residence, name, date of birth, gender, e-mail, password User identification,
user age check,
Prevent duplication,
Prevention abuse of un-authorized users, checking address, contract for contract fulfilment and notification such as announcement
member leave
Optional Regular phone, cell phone Notification of announcement/
Having additional communication
path such as personal intention
Recommend post office Collect recommended post office information

B. Below information may be collected to process payment, delivery service, service provision and legal problems.
  1) Payment method information such bank account information, credit card information
  2) Sender and receiver information for service inquiry and delivery process that provided by EMS ONEPACK
  3) Contact to process complain followed by use of service
  4) Mobile contact to process cash receipt
  5) Minimum privacy information for provision of prize and statistical analysis
C. Below information can be automatically created while using service.
  - IP address, cookies, visited day, service use history, mac address
D. It is possible to reject for collection of privacy information, but it will be not possible to use EMS ONEPACK member service due to rejection.

4. Keeping Privacy Information and Use Period
A. EMS ONEPACK only keeps member information while members are using service. Member information is used for provision of EMS ONEPACK service and complain process.
B. EMS ONEPACK has a principal of delete corresponding information after achieving collection and utilizing purpose of private information, but member information shall be kept for certain period, if it is necessary to keep due to "Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act" and necessary information. Corresponding information shall be kept only for keeping purpose and storing period shall be as below.
Category Retention Based conservation
Record about contract or cancellation of contract 5 years Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act
Record about payment and supply goods 5 years Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act
Record about complain and dispute process 3 years Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act
Record about display and advertisement 6 months Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act
Record about identification 6 months Consumer Protection in E-commerce Act
Logging 3months Protection of Communications Secrets Act

C. For the case of losing member qualification due to withdrawal and user’s agreement, corresponding member’s privacy information shall be erased. But, ID shall be kept for 6 months to prevent duplication of ID after erasure of privacy information (withdrawal, users who didn't use for longtime). If there are other matters, it shall be erased after completion of other matter.

5. Detail and Agency about Privacy Information Consignment
EMS ONEPACK entrusts privacy information to provide smooth service and better service as below.

Consignment Agency Detail Keeping and Using Period
Q Trading Operation of Distribution Center and Proxy Delivery Service
- Import, export and inspection of goods
- Storing goods and Manage stocks
- Pass to post office for EMS delivery
- All processes related with return of goods
Until withdrawal of members
or end of consignment contract
KEG Inisis Co., Ltd., Card Companies (KEB, Lotte, Hyundai, Kookmin, BC, Samsung, Shinhan, HanaSK, Overseas), Alipay, Paypal Payment process
Amazon Web Services. Inc. Operate User Data storage and Service
KT Provide SMS service

6. Overseas Transfer of Privacy Information
EMS ONEPACK can save privacy information of users on certain country’s server that manages by Inc. The data can be moved or copied electronically to other servers in other countries from original server while backup and maintenance of data work.

7. Provision of Privacy data to 3rd Party
A. For only agreed customers about provision of their privacy information for promotion of service from EMS ONEPACK, consignment company can use the information.
B. EMS ONEPACK shall not process privacy information over its purpose and provide to 3rd party as principal. But, privacy information shall be provided to 3rd party for below cases.
   1) Case of getting agreed separately from owner of privacy information
   2) Case of existing special regulation in other laws
   3) For case of not possible to get pre-agreement due to non-written address or owners (legal representatives) are in statue of not possible to express its will. Also the provision is precisely acknowledged for life of privacy information owner and others as well as life, body and profit of assets
   4) Case of providing privacy information for statistics and scholar research. In this case, information shall be processed as a form that not possible to recognize someone
   5) Case of not able to fulfilling duty work that regulated by other laws if the data is not provided to 3rd party or using the information for other purposes than above. It shall be reviewed and resolved by protection committee
   6) Case of providing the information to overseas government or international organization for fulfilling agreement and other international agreement
   7) Case of providing the information to sustain and claim prosecution as well as criminal investigation
   8) Case of fulfilling judgement work of court
   9) Case of providing the information for execution of sentence, custody and protection

C. EMS ONEPACK shall get agreement from users by notifying below matters through proper procedures before providing privacy information of users to 3rd party.
   1) A party that receives privacy information
   2) Utilization purpose of Privacy information (It means purpose of the party that receives privacy information for provision)
   3) Utilizing or providing items of privacy information
   4) Keeping and utilization period of privacy information (It means period of using and utilizing privacy information by the party that receives privacy information for provision)
   5) Fact of having right to reject and disadvantages followed by rejection

8. Personal information destruction procedures and way
Customer personal information in principle retention period elapsed, the privacy treatment purpose once achieved retard without destroys personal information destruction procedures and way next and below.
A. Destruction procedures    - Customers register my back for input information is purpose achieved after internal policy and etc relation the legislation by data protection retention in accordance with (personal information possession and period of use reference) schedule term stored after it will be destroyed.
   - Individual information is the law by the case not stand holdings other than different purpose not used no.
B. Method of destruction
   - On paper output personal information grinder with crushed or incineration through the destroyed.
   - Electronically file in the form stored personal information restoration impossible how to everlasting delete.

9. Advertisement information send
A. EMS ONEPACK is users of the explicit bouncing the doctor whereas for commercial purposes advertising information not transfer no. In addition, necessary if EMS ONEPACK members newsletters gadfly about reception agreement withdraw and so on doctors expression easily please number so "profile modify "menu leave you.
B. The user repetitive advertising information for sent due service on offer failure felled case and the services rendered in offering refuse to number so for users that the fact the notified.

10. The personal information stability measures to ensure about details
A. EMS ONEPACK is of the principal personal information loss, theft, leak, alteration or no damage so safety secure cheers below same action taking you.
1) personal information safe treatment for inside management plans · establish enforcement
   - EMS ONEPACK is once a year personal information on operator about privacy education, technical and administrative protective measures implementation whether internal inspection and thanks, technological and managerial protective measures establish and implementation and privacy relation guidelines review and amendment and so on etc privacy cheers necessary business plan · establish enforcement and you.
2) the personal information about access controls and access authority limit measure - EMS ONEPACK is privacy the management about authority and workforce at least limited to the operating personal information relation system of access for manager id and password 1 month unit or relation employee change at must change managed inside even break active supported you.
3) the personal information safety storage and transfer number present encryption technical apply
   - EMS ONEPACK is importance personal information about encryption save and management and you.
   - the user web browser and EMS ONEPACK server between personal information (password, payment information etc.) Safe the reception cheers password algorithm using network top personal information safety transfer number present security of ssl (secure socket layer) encryption communication provide and you.
   - in addition, EMS ONEPACK homepage pay a card city automatically keyboard security the program driven users input keyboard input the value of the in real-time encryption the others maliciously installed from hacking program personal information protection and you.
4) privacy breach the occurrence to respond for the connection records custody and counterfeiting, alteration prevention for measure
   - EMS ONEPACK is personal information processing system about record access at least six months more than · management and archiving and connection history forgery and stolen, not lost so the security features use and you.
5) the personal information about security programs install and renewal
   - privacy system and privacy characters privacy treatment using the information device computer viruses, spyware, and so on malignity program penetration whether always inspection and handling number so the vaccination program installation and periodically update and you.
6) personal information safe archiving for of storage facilities provision or the locking device install and so on physical measure
   - its and data storage room my back special protected areas set access controls and so on the access control procedures and enforcement you.

B. network security
EMS ONEPACK system and the network thorough security for new hacker technology in preparation periodically system software patch (upgrade) and system check perform and always security system monitoring which and so on security to ensure cheers effort and you. the members customer security duty
1) member of the id and passwords this person only using personal information be accessible and these individual information about confidentiality responsibility to me you if user i have a person id and your password outflow generated issues for the EMS ONEPACK responsibility support do so member of id and passwords only you please use passwords often giving change to all right.
2) EMS ONEPACK by member Id login to web site using if, privacy protection cheers log out of (exit) the function using quit rear web browser close to okay, in particular different with people computer share or in public places computer available case more above same procedures required.
c. However, descriptive complementary measures though though, hacking and so on basic on the network the risk by caused unexpectedly failure accident from information for damage and users created the post by various the dispute as for the EMS ONEPACK is responsibility no.

11. Installation, operation and denial of automatic collection device of privacy information

a. For users specialized custom services provide EMS ONEPACK users' information storage and often loading, cookies the used cookies web site to operate used the server (http) users of the computer the browser outgoing information and pc computer users' undergarment a hard disk also saved the.
b. Users EMS ONEPACK homepage connected after log in (log-in) by membership services using to cookies be permitted the. EMS ONEPACK is for users appropriate, see useful services provide for cookies using in username about information finds. Cookies users of the your computer but identified the users personally not identified no.
c. Users cookie about whether or not to use choose number you are in a web browser options by setting all cookies allow to capital , and cookies be saved whenever check deferred or all of cookies save refuse to capital you however, the cookies save refuse to case login necessary part services available number no.
- cookies configuration method (for internet explorer): web browser tools menu> internet options> privacy tab

12. Other
The privacy policy of EMS ONEPACK do not applied to privacy information gathering by websites that linked with EMS ONEPACK .

13. EMS ONEPACK privacy managing director
a. EMS ONEPACK is users of the personal information protection and personal information related the complaints handling cheers below together privacy the protection officer specify and you.
1) Personal information managing director
   - Name: (Business strategy officer) Hyung-Soo Bang
   - Contact: 02-2036-0801
   - Address: (07245) 83 Yeongjung-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul (Yeongdeungpo-dong 7-ga)
2) Privacy administrative officer
   - Name: (Business Strategy Dept) Yong-Ho Nam
   - Contact: 02-2036-0742
   - Address: (07245) 83 Yeongjung-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul (Yeongdeungpo-dong 7-ga)
B. If you have any questions or opinions about protection of EMS ONEPACK users’ privacy, please contact to the managing director or administrative officer. We will do the best for that.

14. Remedies about violation of privacy rights of users
Users can inquire about remedies and consultant about violation of privacy information to below agencies.

   - Homepage :
   - Contact : 118
   - Address : (05717) Personal information Dispute Mediation Committee Korea Internet & Security Agency, 135 Jungdae-ro Songpa-gu Seoul

15. Suppliment provision
This privacy policy shall be applied from 30th of March 2017. Addition, deletion and modification of contents will be notified at announce board on EMS ONEPACK 7 days before implementation date of change. Also version number and implementation date is provided to help understanding of revision of the privacy policy.
EMS ONEPACK privacy policy version number: v1.3
EMS ONEPACK privacy policy initial implementation date: 2015. 7. 1.
EMS ONEPACK privacy policy change announcement date: 2017. 3. 23.
EMS ONEPACK privacy policy change implementation date: 2017. 3. 30.
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