[Customs declaration and Tax] How does Customs procedures work after EMS international shipment?

All international posts must be inspected by customs due to customs law or international agreement (universal postal union).

Duty free products will be sent to recipient due to customs policy.

If the items are not included in the range of duty free, it will go through all customs procedures.
If the product is selected as normal import declaration target or simple declaration, the item can be received after paying additional costs (customs tax ,VAT and inspection fee) 


Especially, there is large number of private posts and sent to one address frequently, customs may treat that as commercial purpose. Therefore it will be treated as normal import declaration products or simple declaration.
Post office do not do proxy work for customs

EMS ONEPACK check current EMS shipping condition of each country and EMS operation guide of universal postal union
Continuously provide tax rate of major items and duty free limit of major countries. 


[Reference] Major countries' duty free limit of personal post and related homepage




(원화 환산금액)

국가별 세관 정보


 10,000 JPY

약 94,000원



1,000 CNY

약 180,000원



 400 SGD

약 330,000원



 200 USD

약 220,000원

 www.cbp.gov  hts.usitc.gov


 250 AUD

약 210,000원



 110 NZD

약 86,000원



40 GBP

약 73,000원



 45 EUR

약 60,000원



 22 EUR

약 30,000원


 By type of post (presents, products), duty free limit amount can be varied.

This detail is concluded by 2015 standard of EMS operation guide and shipping condition of each country
from Universal postal union. So it can be changed without notice.
[EMS shipping condition and customs information of each country that provided by post office]
EMS shipping condition of each country http://ems.epost.go.kr/front.EmsApplyGoCondition.postal
Check items when applying for EMS https://ems.epost.go.kr/ems/front/survey/pafao04b09.jsp


[Request] Where to write service request form?

EMS ONEPACK service request form can be written after purchasing from Korean shopping mall


1)Purchase freom Korean internet shopping mall
When you purchase an item from Korean internet shopping mall, write provided Korean address and postbox number that provided after joining EMS ONEPACK service
  Example) EMS ONEPACK KP150004 Dongseoul distribution center 3rd floor Gangbyeonyeock-ro 2 Gwangjin-gu Seoul 


2) Write EMS ONEPACK service request form
When the products are sent from the shopping mall, login to EMS ONEPACK site
Complete EMS ONEPACK service request form as same information that you ordered from shopping mall 


Check precautions before filling up the request form and agree. 


Register product information ( Write everything in one request form by clicking adding products for combine


packaging products, maximum 4 products can be combined packaged) 


Register total fee and recipient's information.
other precaution
Request form will be declared by customs, so the form must be written truth
total purchase fee must me match with payment fee from shopping mall.
Requests can not be accepted if the item is not permitted to country of destination since the item will be sent to overseas by EMS  


Tax can be applied during customs declaration. At this moment, recipient should pay for the tax. 

EMS shipping condition of each country http://ems.epost.go.kr/front.EmsApplyGoCondition.postal
Check items when applying for EMS https://ems.epost.go.kr/ems/front/survey/pafao04b09.jsp

[Payment] How to pay for service?

EMS ONEPACK service fee can be checked when the all ordered products are arrived at the distribution center.
Combined packaged into one box and service fee (EMS standard service fee for each country) will be decided by the weight of the box ,Possible to pay by one of below methods

Direct debit, pay by credit card (Korean/International), Alipay and PayPal, etc.

[Join member] how to join?

Please click 'join' menu at the top of EMS ONEPACK homepage,
email address will be registered as ID in EMS ONEPACK homepage. 


Users with SNS accounts such as Facebook, google and twitter can do SNS simple join with previous email address and password.
After registration of email and password, it will moved to completion of join by entering basic personal information such as (nation, sax, name, birthday, contacts, etc.)


For identity verification, verification mail will be sent to the mail that you entered.

Join process will be finally completed by clicking verify button at the email.
For some PC, a screen with 'this contents can not be displayed in the frame' can be appeared by clicking verify button due to security setting. At that moment, you can open by clicking the button below that says ' open this content with new window' or change security setting of internet browser.