International express mail EMS Non-Document ratesIt provides services based on
During the second half of 2015, there is no extra fees. Rates and policies are subject to change after further notice,
In the case of unpaid items or unregister items may charge an additional storage fee (storage fee will be charged after 2 weeks).
(items will be kept for up to 30 days. After that the theft, damage, loss, etc. are not responsible, items will be discarded after 60days.)
Compensation and refund policy
* When there is faulty item during inspection by EMS ONEPACK distribution center, it will be informed to customer and will be processed as what customer want.
* The company can not prove defect (damaged, loss and wrong item) and do compensation during delivery process of online shopping mall (logistic delivery)
* After normal arrival of items at the distribution center and before send to recipient via EMS by combined packaged,
entire cost of the damaged item from the request form should be compensated if there is damage and loss occurs by company’s intention or mistakes.
If EMS proves that there is no intention or mistakes by EMS ONEPACK then EMS ONEPACK is not responsible for that.
* EMS ONEPACK compensation and refunds for the service must be within 14 days after completion of delivery (claims submitted reasons, the amount, calculated to supporting documents, etc.)
Compensation should be processed after return of the item for damage and wrong inspection at the distribution center.
* After EMS request, if there are defects such as damage or loss during delivery procedure to recipient, it is possible to get compensation by EMS compensation policy.
Post Office EMS indemnity provisions 손해배상 규정보기 View indemnity provisions
Compensation claimant
- Before the deliver: Sender
- After the delivery: sender or recipient
* Sender or recipient shall give up right to claim compensation or delegate right to receive compensation to opponent.

Countries for compensation
- Sent to overseas: received post office in Korea (Except post handling office) shall pay for the compensation fee.
- Sent from overseas: Shipped post office shall pay for the compensation fee
* For overseas, the compensation can get from Korean post office

Claim Requirements
After request track of the item within 4 months after EMS shipment date, then compensation can be claimed

Compensation fee
Type of post
Accident Type
Amount of compensation
Postage refunds
Lost / stolen / damaged
₩ 70,000 + per 1kg
For ₩ 7,870 less than the actual damages
Up to ₩ 306,100
Delivery delay
48 hours or more
Compensation shall be not paid under below circumstances
- Fire, disasters as well as items are lost, theft or damaged by force majeure
- If sender takes responsibility (poor packaging and characteristic of items, etc.)
- Confiscated or discarded by authority due to the item is treated as restricted item.
- If recipient receives the post without objection